We often hear from our clients that they want to be fully compensated for their claims, but they don’t want their case to go to court. That’s understandable. You probably know that Will Rogers is famous for having said that someone who goes to a trial by jury places their fate in the hands of six people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

Most Cases Settle Without A Suit

Most of our cases settle without us ever having to file a suit. We’re able to resolve them with the insurance companies and have our clients fully compensated for their injuries.

Many Of The Other Cases Are Filed But Then Settled

In cases where the insurance company won’t offer a fair settlement, we do file a suit, but that still doesn’t mean that we’re going to court and trying the case in front of a jury. We’ll still have an opportunity to settle the case and recover for you all that you’re entitled to under the law, without ever having to go to court.

What You Should Do

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, give me a call and reach out to me. We’ll get on the phone, talk through your options, and make sure that you’re fully protected under the law.

As always, stay safe out there, enjoy the ride and we’ll talk again later.