I’ve represented motorcycle riders in Indiana for over 25 years, and today, I want to ask you what a sneeze and a motorcycle accident have in common.

A Sneeze and A Car

Back in 2004, Chicago Cubs home run slugger Sammy Sosa put himself on the injured reserve list when he injured his back as the result of a sneeze. Now, if a sneeze can put a world-class athlete like Sammy Sosa on the bench, imagine what a collision with a 3,500-pound car can do to a biker?

What Insurance Companies Do

Well, some insurance companies will hire experts called biomechanical engineers to provide an opinion that a 3,500-pound car colliding with the human body, even at slow speeds, couldn’t have resulted in an injury to the biker. As ridiculous as this may sound, insurance companies really do this. And you need to be ready to combat those kinds of positions if you’ve been involved in a collision.

What You Should Do

So if you’ve been involved in a collision, you’re welcome to reach out to me. I’ll hop on the phone with you, and we’ll talk things through. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need to properly preserve and present your claim so that you are fully compensated for the injuries and damages you sustained in the collision.

Stay safe out there, enjoy the ride, we’ll talk again later.