Years ago, I represented a motorist who was killed when he stopped for a school bus stop arm and the traffic behind him either did not see the school bus or did not see him because they were distracted by the school bus and collided with the rear of his vehicle.

Special Risks To Motorcycle Riders

We who ride motorcycles are particularly exposed to this risk when we respect the school bus stop arm, especially when we’re in the opposing lane of traffic. Opposing lanes are required to stop for a school bus stop arm unless the opposing lanes are separated by a concrete barrier or other solid medians. Even then, we’re required to slow down and to use due care and caution for the presence of children.

When You See A School Bus

When you see a school bus in the traffic ahead or if you are following behind it, anticipate that the school bus is likely to stop and require all traffic to stop along with it. Leave yourself plenty of room, make sure that you cover your brake, maybe even flash your brake light as you are stopping. This will help the vehicles behind you see you and be aware that you are stopping.

Leave Yourself An Exit Route

In addition, make sure to leave yourself an exit route. You may need the ability to swerve or maneuver your motorcycle into a safer place. This is especially true if you have reason to believe that the vehicle behind you does not see you and is likely to collide with you.

As always, stay safe and enjoy the ride.