It is not unusual for Indiana to have confusing statutes when it comes to motorcycles. This subject will be no exception.

Indiana Law – Riding Two Abreast

Indiana has a law that no vehicle can deprive another vehicle of the entire use of the traffic lane it occupies. However, the same statute creates a specific exception for motorcycles. While that makes the first statue somewhat puzzling, let’s look at the motorcycle statute.

Motorcycle Statue

Motorcycle riders can only be ridden 2 abreast with the consent of both motorcycle riders. It goes without saying, they must be in the same lane.


Sometimes motorcycle riders will happen upon another solo driver and simply pair up. That may seem like a good idea, but an experienced rider will advise you against it. Before you assume the position of legally riding with someone, you should know them. Here are some other considerations:

  • You should know who this person is
  • You should stop somewhere soon to find out if the rider is hanging alone across town or if he is planning to travel with you across country
  • Determine the level of experience he has. You are in a tight spot. You are sharing limited space. Can he maneuver the turns well or is he apt to take a fall in traffic (taking you with him?)

Don’t Talk Too Much!

Like it or not, we do not live the safest of times. Children are not the only ones who should watch what they say. When adults meet someone who shares the love of a hobby, they tend to talk too much. Do not be too quick to tell a new abreast rider where you are going and the route you are taking. A chat about the road you are on and where you will travel that particular day is enough travel chat.

Most people are good. Most trips are fun. Most of these precautions are not needed. But if you only need them one time in your life, they are worth the effort.

This is yet another area for a motorcyclist to be smart and be safe. Just remember, have fun!