Today, let’s talk about repairs to your damaged vehicle and the use of original equipment manufacturer parts or OEM parts versus aftermarket or third-party parts.

Why We Want OEM Parts

When we wreck our motorcycles, we always want to use original equipment manufacturer parts or OEM parts. They’re designed to go on our motorcycle, and they have the best fit and finish. They will also have the highest quality of performance that you will find for your vehicle.

The Problem With Insurance Companies

The problem is that the insurance companies that are paying for the repairs don’t always want to foot the bill for the more expensive OEM parts. Instead, they would rather use cheaper, third-party manufacturers or aftermarket parts.

What Indiana Law Has To Say

So what does the law in Indiana have to say about whether the insurance companies have to pay for OEM parts? As it turns out, Indiana has a statute about this. It says that if your vehicle is up to five years old, then the insurance company must give you the option to use OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts.

However, if your vehicle is more than five years old, then your insurance company doesn’t have to give you that option.  But it is required to provide what is inside the terms and the provisions of your insurance policy itself.

Now insurance policies are long and boring and nobody likes to read them except for lawyers, maybe. And even the lawyers don’t like to read them all the time. Nonetheless, it’s important to know what’s inside your policy.

What You Should Do

So, if your bike is more than five years old, make sure that you talk to your insurance agent so that you know exactly what that policy says. And if it doesn’t provide for OEM parts and the repair of a property damage issue, then ask your insurance company what it would take to add that provision on if that’s something that’s important to you.

As always, if you have any questions or if you need any assistance, you can always reach out to me and I’ll be happy to get on the phone and talk you through whatever issue you’re dealing with. Stay safe out there, enjoy the ride and we’ll talk later.