If you are a motorcyclist, it is fair to say, you have your own opinion about motorcycle helmets. If you are an experienced rider who has inexperienced riders in their group, you probably have more than one opinion. You may be surprised to find that the state of Indiana has more than one legal opinion on this subject as well.

Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room

In a few seconds, we are going to share with you what the state of Indiana requires by law, regarding motorcycle helmets. But let’s just get this out in the sunlight. Most people who are killed in a motorcycle accident, are killed due to brain injury. Some statistics put the number as high as 65%. That is just fatal crashes. There are many other crashes where people lose themselves but not their lives. They suffer brain damage or broken necks and they become a prisoner of their own bodies. In many of these cases, a helmet would have protected them.

A helmet is a good idea. They are not 100% proof that you will not die or become broken beyond repair. But, they are a good idea.

Indiana Helmet Laws

Some people think Indiana doesn’t have a helmet law because for most people, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is optional in Indiana. But, that is not true for everyone. There are some situations where a driver or rider of a motorcycle is required to wear a motorcycle helmet. It must be a DOT (Department Of Transportation) approved helmet.

What Specifications Would Require A Helmet?

  • If the rider or passenger is under 18
  • If the rider only has a learners permit (does not have a full endorsement
  • If the rider is over 18 but does not have his full endorsement

Other Considerations

Even if you are not required t wear a helmet, you should always have one. There are times when a helmet protects you from things other than crashes. For example:

  • In case the wind picks up and you cannot get off the road. A helmet will protect the dust, dirt, twigs, and leaves from blowing into your eyes and ears.
  • It is much easier to see if rain is running off a treated visor that your face and hair.

You are a mature person who is experienced riding your motorcycle. You know your skill level. No one has to tell you how dangerous a motorcycle can be. But, any vehicle can be dangerous if they are not handled with respect. Respect and care for your motorcycle and it will take care of you.