Lane splitting is a topic that often comes up with bikers and lawmakers, but little ever changes. Let us take a look at this together.

What Is Lane-splitting?

In slow traffic, motorcycle riders will often ride between the two vehicles in the lanes ahead. He is sharing their lanes. He is traveling in the gap that the slow traffic is providing. This practice is known as “lane-splitting.”

Is Lane-Splitting Legal?

In the state of California, lane-splitting is legal. It is not legal in any other state. The other states believe that the lanes provided for each driver, no matter what vehicle they selected for travel was provided for only them. This space is needed in the event that they would need to maneuver around an unexpected issue or item. This includes Indiana. Lane-splitting is illegal in Indiana.

Other Reasons Lane-splitting Is Not Permitted

The normal traffic accident is caused by one vehicle doing something that caused damage to a second. That collision can then cause secondary damage and injury to other parties. When lane-splitting is permitted, you have three vehicles using two lanes. It makes it very difficult to determine who is at fault and who is responsible for the damages.

When automobile drivers are traveling at a slow speed, they may not see a motorcycle coming into their lane. The loud pipes sounding directly beside them is frightening and could cause them to hit the gas unintentionally.

Ways Lane-Splitting Can Be A Good Thing

Lane splitting allows the cyclist to see further ahead. They may be able to help clear congestion by sharing the information he sees.

There has been very little data collected on lane-splitting, even though motorcycles have studied quite deeply. There is more to learn. Without the data, we are all going on our own opinions. Those opinions are going to vary deeply.

As more people use motorcycles, more data is needed. This can cause for safer designs of our roadways and better conditions for all travelers. This is a good thing. The need for safe travel and efficient transportation is good for all citizens.